Voter ID Petition Drive

There is an extremely important Petition to put on the November ballot proposing a Nevada Constitutional Amendment that would require ID in order to vote in Nevada elections. The wording of this proposal is below. Please take time to read this and we believe you will find this very common sense and the ID’s listed would be available to any eligible voter.
Until the number of required signatures are met, we will list locations in and around Mesquite for you to sign this petition. The Petition is also available to be signed at all MRW meetings, the Spring Festival and our Election Office (when open).

Thursday, 3/21 @ the Recreation Center 10 – 2
Friday, 3/22 @ near Smith’s Market 10 – 2
Saturday, 3/23 @ Ace Hardware 10 – 2
Saturday, 3/23 @ the Library 10 – 2
Monday, 3/25 @ near corner Grapevine/Mesquite Blvd 10:30 – 2
Monday, 3/25 @ the Library 10 – 2