Many people are confused as the sample ballots issued by the Elections office are arriving because Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are not on that ballot. This is because there are actually going to be two Republican Presidential candidate elections this year, thus two totally different ballots.

Since 1884, Nevada has made their Presidential candidate selection using the Caucus method. “Pursuant to NV law, Nevada does not conduct Presidential Primary elections to select Presidential candidates but uses the Caucus method. All major political parties shall hold their own Caucuses. This is a private event directly run by the political party, NOT the state or local governmental entities.”

In May 2021, the democrat super-majority passed legislation that Nevada would hold a Presidential Preference Primary to select Presidential candidates at great taxpayer expense. This ruling was challenged in court and it was granted that while the Secretary of State would hold a Presidential Preference Primary, the major political parties could still hold their Caucus to determine their Presidential candidate using their own Caucus rules. The Nevada GOP voted to use the Caucus method as used for many years and choose the Presidential candidate based only on the Caucus votes. (So the votes from the state run Presidential Preference Primary will NOT be used to select the Republican candidate.) All Republican Presidential candidates were informed of the GOP rules and made their own choice to participate in the Presidential Preference Primary or the Caucus.

The sample ballots received in the mail this week are for the state run election, held February 6th. Nikki Haley is the only candidate who is still running on this ballot. If you chose to participate, you can vote for her or you can indicate “None of these candidates” to register your nonsupport of her. (But remember, this ballot vote does not count in selecting the Presidential Candidate.)

The Republican Caucus, which is where the Republican Presidential Candidate will be elected, is Thursday February 8th at the Virgin Valley High School for anyone who lives in Mesquite or Bunkerville. The Caucus is open from 5:00pm until 7:30pm. As long as you are in line by 7:30, you can vote.

You can go to the Caucus, vote and leave or you can stay and be part of the discussions on candidates. You can also stay and watch the vote count. Your choice.

If you want to be involved in selecting the Republican Candidate, these are the rules:

  • Must be a registered Republican at least 30 days prior to the Caucus (January 8, 2024)
  • Must bring valid government issued ID to the Caucus
  • Must vote in your precinct (mail in ballots are only available to military)
  • Must use the provided paper ballot to vote

Note: It is legal to vote in the state run election AND in the Caucus as they are two entirely different elections, but remember, it is only the Caucus that will elect the Republican Presidential candidate.

If you are a nonpartisan or registered Independent, you will not be allowed to vote for the Republican candidate.

To check your precinct number go online to Click on the Elections link.

I strongly encourage you to participate in the Republican Caucus – be involved in making a difference!

Sue Zarubin, President Mesquite Republican Women

Clark County Republican Party